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Our Story 

In the German language, zimt means cinnamon, a versatile spice used in both European and Asian cuisines to impart a sweet, comforting flavor. 


Zimt is the key ingredient in our signature product – cinnamon swirl buns, also known as Zimtschnecke in Germany.


Schnecke is a typical German pastry known and loved by everyone who grew up in Germany – you even call your sweetheart Zimtschnecke in Germany!


At zimt, we strive to highlight the rich tradition of German bread culture (Brotkultur).  In Germany, more than 3000 different kinds of breads have been identified.


Germans eat bread at almost every meal. As a light meal, Germans often have “Brotzeit” (“time for bread”), basically bread paired with cheese and cured meats.


Since 2014, Brotkultur has been officially recognized by UNESCO as a cultural world heritage. 


Visit our bakery-café for an authentic Brotkultur experience and find out more about German breads!

Meet the Team

Our creative team is led by Daniel Q., the founder of zimt.


Daniel is a certified Master Baker from the renowned Württembergische Bäckerfachschule Stuttgart in Germany and graduated in 2003. For over 20 years, he has worked in various well-known bakeries across Germany.


The most important chapter in his professional journey was his training under Master Baker, Bernd Sigel from 2001 to 2004, in Scholderbeck, a traditional organic bakery in Germany.


Another key chapter was at several Organic Bakery in Berlin like, Weichardt Brot, Kreuzberger Brotgarten & Wiener Holzofen Baeckerei. Some popular artisan bakerys in Germany feted for its dedication to traditional bread-making techniques.

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